Best Keyboard App For Android

Welcome to download Rockey! It is the best app for WhatsApp users, which integrated all useful whatsapp extensions. With Rockey, daily WhatsApp using experience will be easier and more colorful!

​​Key features ​​

● transparent background to match wallpaper chat
● 3D live wallpaper provides you the most fun visual effect when you tilt your phone
● the coolest LED keyboard to substitute your default keyboard
● 1000+ wallpapers to download for FREE
● 500+ sticker packs for free
● quick access to pics and videos from WhatsApp chats

​Why Rockey keyboard?​

Transparent keyboard ​​

Rockey has a transparent background function to let your background chat become a whole screen size. It’s better and clearer for your eyes!! ​

3D live wallpaper

You will have a lot of fun during chatting with 3D live wallpaper!!
-Flowing effect: Add water effect to your keyboard with a funny toy in it and it supports moving in all directions.
-Raining effect: Choose an object and let it falls when you use keyboard.🌦

LED keyboard

Want the coolest keyboard ever? Use LED keyboard!! It provides the most amazing LED effects!!
-Default RGB keyboard themes for free.
-Customize your led keyboard by setting key styles, LED effect, LED frame, font style and keyboard sound. Be the designer yourself, hold your own style!


-1000+ high-quality wallpapers to download for free.
-Various kinds: landscape, cartoons, characters, etc.
We constantly update NEW wallpapers. Please keep your attention on our wallpaper store frequently!

Funny stickers​​

There are 500+ sticker packs for free now. We will constantly update sticker packs for WhatsApp special, you can DIY your own sticker with your photo or gif.

​​Custom keyboard

Personalized features make your Android keyboard unique
-Resize the keyboard layout.
-Choose keyboard button styles by yourself.


100+ languages: English (US, UK, AU, CA, IN, NZ, PH) , Spanish, Portuguese (PT, BR), Español, bahasa Indonesia, etc.

​​Smart input & Fast typing

-Auto-correction function: Automatically correct mistyping errors and typos.
-Next-word & emoji prediction: Predict the next potential word and emoji.
-Swipe to type: Smooth gesture typing for faster typing.


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