Multiple Video Player App

The screen is divided into four equal parts.

★ You can load a video on any of the four parts by clicking on the plus (+) icon.
★ You can remove a video from any of the four parts by clicking on the cross (x) icon.
★ Loaded videos are in auto-loop and auto-play mode.
★ Each video has its own set of media controls which include pause, play, backward, forward, and seek.
★ The plus (+) icons and the cross (x) icons are removed during playback so as not to be intrusive.
★ Auto-loading and auto-resume of last video(s) played.
★ Save multiple video combination configurations using the provided 9 slots.
★ Super lightweight.

Here are some possible uses for this app:

★ View up to 4 videos at same time.
★ (New) Create album-like video collections using any of the 15 slots provided.
★ Can be used in movie theater to show 4 movie trailers at the same time.
★ Can be used in stores and restos to showcase your products.
★ If your device is capable of connecting to a big screen TV or projector, then this app can be used for product exhibitions to show multiple video presentations at the same time.


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